ST. LOUIS — Cambridge Air Solutions, a manufacturer of industrial and commercial HVAC equipment, named Matt Lanham director of sales and service and appointed Rommel Medrano director of corporate marketing. These two leaders will be fundamental to find new and energizing channels to allow Cambridge to continue to enrich the quality of every life the company touches.

Lanham will fill the role Doug Eisenhart vacated when he was promoted to president of the company. A regional sales manager at Cambridge for the past five years, Lanham has worked closely with the network of manufacturing representatives and through a diligent continuous improvement mindset and played an integral role in developing a better sales process to help the company’s reps better serve their customers.

“My role will be focused on enriching the lives of the people using our products as well as the people doing business with Cambridge,” said Lanham. “Whether it be by making our service team more accessible during high-demand seasons or creating solutions to provide fresh, clean air to industrial facilities, my goal is to help business leaders create healthy working environments for their hard-working people. Our mindset for the future includes products built for people working inside manufacturing facilities and warehouses by improving indoor air quality and reducing the heat stress on these buildings.”

Medrano previously served as vice president of integrated marketing at UPBrand advertising agency in St. Louis. He is excited to optimize the strong relationships of internal and external stakeholders and thoughtfully nurture them into genuine advocates of the company’s “Enriching Lives” brand.

“Job No. 1 for our reenergized marketing team is to build on the foundational work of bringing glory and dignity back to U.S. manufacturing,” said Medrano. “The initial and perhaps most critical step of identifying this need and dedicating resources has already completed by CEO John Kramer, current president Doug Eisenhart, and the others in the Cambridge executive leadership team, along with guidance from outgoing president Marc Braun. My role, along with my talented team, is to advance that mission with compelling strategies, messages, and stories to help evolve how the manufacturing industry, along with Cambridge itself, is perceived by the community at-large, including media, our current and prospective customers, industry peers and competitors, and our valued employees.”

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