DAVIDSON, N.C. — Trane® – by Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator – has introduced a number of new product and service offerings designed to help customers better meet the requirements of their facilities through enhanced connectivity and increased energy efficiency. Connected building solutions provide seamless, unified building control, delivering meaningful data to optimize building performance, while practical, affordable electrification solutions help reduce environmental impact.

“Trane helps make buildings more efficient, sustainable and comfortable to better meet the needs of those who operate and work within them,” said Manlio Valdes, vice president, Trane product management.  “These new and enhanced offerings improve the customer experience, enhancing building control to help meet organizational goals while lowering costs, reducing waste and addressing key energy efficiency, electrification and environmental impact goals.”

Trane’s efficient, compact Agility® Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller features a two-stage semi-hermetic centrifugal compressor with a permanent-magnet refrigerant-cooled motor, oil-free magnetic bearings with enhanced compressor speeds, and the latest Trane (CHIL™) heat exchanger designs enable optimal performance.

The small-footprint Agility chillers, which are compact enough to fit through a standard double door, are now enabled by the Symbio 800 controller and optional power meter. Agility, enabled by Symbio 800, is ideal for existing buildings or new construction, provides reliable and efficient operations across a wide operating map.

An optional power meter is also available. Adding the optional power meter enables the convenience of seamlessly measuring energy use. This allows end users to participate in demand-response and net-metering programs. For more information, visit www.tranetechnologies.com.