WATERTOWN, Mass. — Bosch Thermotechnology, a global source of heating and cooling systems, introduced its ultra-quiet heat pumps, the QV Series, for commercial spaces in multiple sizes and both horizontal and vertical configurations.

The commercial grade QV Series, a Florida Heat Pump (FHP) geothermal system, offers comprehensive sound performance. In addition to the lower sound levels, the QV Series also delivers a compact cabinet, making it ideal to fit into small spaces in commercial buildings.

The QV Series includes a constant airflow ECM DEC Star® blower that produces the same cfm as the Bosch LV model but at a lower rpm, resulting in decreased power consumption and sound. The QV heat pump also features Bosch’s patented compressor encapsulation, which includes high density mass loaded vinyl insulation material wrapped around the blower and also installed in the lower compartment, dampening the sound it emits. Additionally, encapsulation parts are installed around the compressor and assembled with heavy gage sheet metal and a double layer of vinyl material on both sides. The access panels and the unit’s divider use the same type of sound attenuation material, making the panels substantially heavier, thus highly reducing the sound radiating from the unit. As a final measure, the compressor is installed on an isolated and elevated base plate that dampens vibrations during operating cycles.

“This new whisper quiet system is going to be a game-changer for light commercial spaces, such as offices, schools, and hotels, where heat pumps can be close to working or living quarters, so the quieter sound output makes a big difference in comfort,” said Katelyn Woodling, manager of product management at Bosch Thermotechnology. “In addition to the benefit of the extreme quiet operation of these units, this system also provides the ability to efficiently transfer heat through the water source heat pump, and control the temperature in different zoning loops.”

The overall lowest sound rating for the commercial QV Series heat pumps is 53dB, making it an appropriate solution for designers to improve NC ratings in commercial spaces e.g. school classrooms and office spaces.

The commercial QV Series heat pumps were developed with patented technology to replace the limited sound reduction solutions on the market. For more information about Bosch Thermotechnology, visit https://www.bosch-thermotechnology.us/us/en/commercial/home/.