CALGARY, Alberta — Building controls manufacturer ENA Solution launched a smart thermostat designed specifically for manufacturers, distributors, and commercial building operators. Its ENASTAT thermostat combines the simple, user-friendly features of smart home thermostats with the industrial design required to stand up to the harshest environments.

Focusing on industrial and commercial customers was a conscious decision, said Ramin Tajallipour, co-founder, ENA Solution. “Smart thermostats have become commonplace in our homes over the past decade, but businesses continue to be forced to choose between six-figure building management systems or residential thermostats not designed for the requirements of building operators.”

ENASTAT includes features familiar in smart home thermostats, such as app-based controls, smart scheduling, and zone setup. Beyond those, Tajallipour and his design team developed a thermostat to solve the most frustrating issues experienced by industrial and commercial building operators.

“For starters, the common thermostat’s glass touchscreen doesn’t hold up well in these high-traffic, high-touch environments,” Tajallipour points out. “So we created a ‘faceless’ design to avoid tampering — either by guests or employees — altogether.”

In addition to its ruggedized industrial design, ENASTAT also features universal voltage compatibility, internal backup batteries, both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, and an array of sensors that measure both temperature and humidity for the most precise climate control. Its app-based software allows maintenance managers to easily authorize additional users and offers advanced HVAC analytics for effortless maintenance. ENASTAT’s advanced features helped a large Canadian oil and gas manufacturer discover issues with his facility’s insulation, leading to significant energy savings.

The oil and gas facility is one of the more than 90% of businesses that don’t have building management systems, meaning most waste money on heating and cooling.

“Because heating and cooling are considered fixed operating costs, many businesses simply think about it as the price of doing business,” Tajallipour said. “With ENASTAT, we’re offering an affordable, easy-to-install, and user-friendly alternative to the wasteful status quo.”

ENASTAT, which is manufactured in Canada, recently achieved ETL certification and will soon be available in the U.S. For more information, visit