Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.’s FreshAire PTAC has been named the 2021 Commercial Comfort Product of the Year in the IAQ and Ventilation category. 

The 12,000-Btu heat pump FreshAire PTAC features active conditioned makeup air capabilities that allow engineers to decrease their reliance on whole building dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). The unit boasts conditioned, filtered MERV-8 outdoor air and a full suite of new FreshAire IAQ accessories, including FreshAire UV Germicidal UV-C light to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses to help further increase IAQ. These options work in separate and multiple combinations — depending on product configurations and specific IAQ needs — to address the essential aspects of how to deliver safer and cleaner indoor air. 

Friedrich also now offers FreshAire Purifier Bi-Polar ionization, designed specifically for treating air in HVAC systems and actively purifying air to ensure healthy fresh air is delivered indoors. Friedrich’s Precision Inverter compressor with soft-start technology reduces operating sound, improves efficiency, and reduces overall operating costs.

“The launch of Friedrich FreshAire IAQ makes Friedrich among the first companies in the U.S. to offer complete and effective room-by-room air conditioning solutions that meet rigorous standards for delivering safer, healthier indoor air quality,” said Jerad Adams, director, commercial product management, Friedrich. 

The unit features an inverter compressor that utilizes soft-start technology, which eliminates locked rotor amperage (LRA). With this feature, the unit operates longer to address the part-load times in room conditioning, delivering even temperature and comfort.

The FreshAire PTAC is UL/AHRI-certified, meets ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, and is built in the standardized 42-by-16-inch chassis with simple panel control and seven-wire thermostat control. Access to all parts needing regular cleaning and maintenance is built-in, and error codes are displayed if any fault is detected. 

“Not only does Friedrich’s FreshAire PTAC decrease the consumption of electricity to clients' properties, it brings active, MERV-8-filtered fresh air into the space while maintaining superior low sound with one of the quietest PTAC/PTHP chassis in the market,” said Adams. “When paired with the latest Friedrich FreshAire IAQ accessories, hotel owners and operators can ensure the highest indoor air quality. Additionally, FreshAire PTAC significantly reduces owners’ requirements for DOAS equipment, further reducing operating and maintenance costs.”

Engineering Excellence

One judge applauded the Friedrich FreshAire PTAC for solving an ubiquitous problem in the design of multifamily housing — the control and conditioning of outside air in the living units. 

“Bravo to Friedrich for listening to the industry and developing a solution to every engineer’s nightmare when applying PTACs to living units while negotiating the ventilation requirements specified in the local mechanical codes,” he said. 

“This is a unique solution for PTAC applications,” said another judge. “This product is absolutely ideal when it comes to retrofitting hotels and multifamily living spaces.”