MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls, the global provider of smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings and the architect of OpenBlue, has, through its TempMaster® brand, expanded its line of premium commercial rooftop units, which is now available in 25-80 tons. The TempMaster Omni Premier platform is designed to provide building owners efficiency levels that reduce operational costs over the life of the unit. The units offer high standard efficiency levels and meet aggressive U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency standards.

“Our engineers achieved exceptional energy efficiencies with the new Premier platform,” said Todd LaMalfa, director of sales, ducted systems, independent rep channel, Johnson Controls. “This future-forward design allows the platform to deliver up to 50% greater efficiency at part-load than is required, depending on the standard, and additional options are available for each tonnage to meet the current Consortium for Energy Efficiency highest tier ratings.”

Units are offered in standard efficiency (up to 10.9 EER/15.8 IEER), high capacity, or high efficiency (up to 11.4 EER/16.9 IEER). Standard double-wall foam panels offer improved thermal efficiency, while modulating options, such as compressors, an energy recovery wheel, and gas or electric heat, further improve efficiency, providing premium comfort.

To simplify system configuration and minimize startup time, units feature startup wizards, a 5.5-inch OLED display, and an optimized numeric keypad, which are standard on all units. The units have an optional high-end graphical user interface, which features a full-color touchscreen that provides quick access to system status, performance metrics, and schedule parameters to offer real-time data to building owners and facility managers. Startup is further simplified with Johnson Controls’ new RTUToolkit app for Android and iOS. With the app, contractors simply scan a unique QR code on each rooftop, which enables on-demand access to unit-specific details, technical literature, and direct connection to technical support.

Premier rooftop units streamline the design process with integrated system selection tools, easily accessible building information modeling files, improved submittals, and simplified specification. The high-performance base models offer a complete range of factory options, including various airflow path configurations; indoor environmental quality options, such as ultraviolet lights; and modulating options for improved comfort. Maintenance is also simplified with service-friendly features, such as an optional mobile access portal gateway that offers remote monitoring for ease of connection while at the job site, allowing technicians to interface with units without getting out of the truck. In addition, the Smart Equipment-enabled units provide seamless integration with multiple building controls systems, including Verasys, and with OpenBlue, a dynamic connected platform for smart, healthy and sustainable building solutions from Johnson Controls. For more information, visit