FORT WOTH, Texas — Lync, a Watts brand, introduces Element, a hot water wellness solution. Element brings the functionality of a full domestic hot water system in addition to multi-barrier pathogen protection and remote monitoring into one compact appliance. Element provides consulting engineers, facility managers, mechanical contractors, building owners, and architects with a complete, engineered single-sourced solution that provides reliable hot water more efficiently and effectively mitigate waterborne pathogens.

“With Element, world-class scientists with years of industry expertise have engineered a way to fit an entire mechanical room into a smart, compact appliance able to be installed through a standard doorway,” said Jim Dagley, president, Watts Heating & Hot Water Solutions. “Element is a safer, more sustainable solution to provide domestic hot water to commercial applications, and we’re thrilled to be setting a new standard.”

  • Safe – Element provides multiple layers of safety and protection against waterborne pathogens, including Legionella, while improving water quality in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way without the use of toxic chemicals or byproducts. 
  • Simple – Element is fully engineered, built, and assembled by a single source simplifying design, installation, and operation. Installation time is reduced, and there is also a significant footprint savings, allowing Element to satisfy compact retrofit designs and reduce space in new projects.  
  • Smart – An integrated, smart supervisory controller with remote monitoring allows Element to automate the traditional “clipboard” process. Real-time data reporting across devices also brings a higher level of intelligence to the hot water wellness solution.  


Element has been fully certified by the International Plumbing Code (IPC), International Building Code (IBC), the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials’ (IAPMO) Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). It also earned the IAPMO Platinum Seal. For more information, visit