BURRY POINT, U.K. — Inert gas welding requires the removal of oxygen from the welding zone before, during, and after welding. This is known as weld purging as is crucial during the welding of stainless steel.

The low cost, hand-held PurgEye® 100, created and developed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT), is designed for welding stainless steel, reading accurately from atmospheric oxygen level (20.94%), right down to 100 ppm (0.01%) of oxygen.

“The PurgEye 100 Weld Purge Monitor® delivers an extremely accurate measurement of 0.01% or 100 ppm, which is the right amount to ensure welds remain free from oxidation," said Ron Sewell, chairman, HFT. “It is important that welders know exactly when it is safe to start welding. The PurgEye® 100 reduces waiting times and saves money on inert gas costs. Available at a competitive price, the PurgEye® 100 will pay for itself in just a few welds.”

The PurgEye 100 is IP65 rated and comes with leak-tight push buttons, auto calibration features, vacuum-sealed leak-tight probe assembly, wrist/neck strap, and tripod mount.

With a clear, easy-to-read LCD screen, the PurgEye 100 boasts a 24-mm display with features such as a low battery icon as well as the low sensor icon. When the monitor is not in use, an automatic sleep mode activates to conserve battery life.

The Weld Purge Monitor was invented by HFT in the 1970s and with more than 45 years of innovation, design, and manufacturing experience, the company now has a Family of PurgEye Weld Purge Monitors to measure oxygen levels from atmospheric content (20.94%) down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm). For more information, visit www.huntingdonfusion.com.