BURLINGTON, Mass. — CIRCOR International Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, announces the RTK® Discharge and Pump Protection Control Valve. This unique valve provides the ideal solution for all industrial processes that incorporate pumps, such as condensate pumps, boiler feedwater pumps, or low-pressure centrifugal pumps.

The RTK Discharge and Pump Protection Control Valve works as two valves in one: It brings together a pump protection recirculation valve and a control valve. In this capacity, the valve not only cuts costs but also increases the life span of pumps by both regulating the main flow and the recirculation flow with a single valve.

In industrial processes that use boiler feedwater and condensate pumps, the water is circulated in a closed loop by a pump. These pumps require a minimum amount of water flow to avoid problems that can stem from overheating and cavitation. During the low load condition, in particular, the water requirement is less than the pump’s minimum flow requirement. Without a pump’s minimum flow, the pump can be damaged very quickly. Under these conditions, the RTK Discharge and Pump Protection Control Valve provides the additional flow that is required in a closed loop, and, thus, it guarantees a minimum flow through the pumps.

In addition to putting two valves in one, this valve also provides and inline-adjustable recirculation port. This feature allows you to control the valve inline while the pump is working. It is also easy to install, with the process taking less than three minutes. For more information, visit www.circor.com.