MILWAUKEE — Hitachi introduces a new line of high-efficiency single-zone mini-split systems. Designed to meet the unique needs of small to mid-size properties such as shops, restaurants, and classrooms, the PRIMAIRY system is an energy-efficient and cost-effective option. Hitachi quality is evident throughout the line. Product features include:

  • Brushless DC fan motors provide stable, precise, energy-efficient operation;
  • Compact units and long piping runs enable exceptional design and installation flexibility;
  • Quiet mode reduces fan speed and frequency of compressor operation for optimal comfort;
  • Intelligent defrost control shortens defrost time more than 37% and delays defrost intervals up to six hours for reliable, consistent comfort; and
  • Refrigerant leak detection protects the compressor from damage and increases safety by automatically shutting down operation if the refrigerant charge amount drops below 30%.


The Brushless DC Fan Motor Difference

Brushless, high-efficiency DC fan motors feature unparalleled control of fan speed and movement, cycling through 16 automatic adjustments during operation to meet demand exactly. These precise calibrations increase energy efficiency while providing superior temperature control and quiet, stable performance. Motors are also small in scale, enabling Hitachi outdoor units to be compact and lightweight for easier placement and installation.


Designed for Maximum Flexibility and Long Life

Hitachi PRIMAIRY mini-split systems are compact and lightweight, providing multiple placement options and simplifying installation. The systems accommodate up to 164 feet of piping length and 98 feet in height. Long piping further enhances layout flexibility, and a wide capacity range means there is a precisely sized system for every application. Indoor units come in a range of styles and types to meet customer needs and application aesthetics.

Systems perform in low-ambient temperatures down to minus 13°F (minus 25°C) (for the 24K model) and down to minus 4°F (minus 20°C) in heating mode for all other models.

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