CORTE MADERA, Calif. — XCSpec Controls introduces AirWatch, a visual display allowing teachers and others to see that classroom air is fresh and healthy. AirWatch is a low cost and easy to install CO2 and airflow monitor providing at-a-glance red, amber, and green LEDs to show CO2 safety levels, and a blue LED that shows fresh air flow based on positive pressure. HVAC professionals can upgrade to the AirWatch Pro offering advanced controls for fresh air dampers, power exhaust, and demand control ventilation. All components are Wi-Fi enabled and are easily configured with a mobile device or laptop.

“AirWatch provides an easy-to-understand fresh-air display allowing anyone to see the quality of their air,” said Jan Peterson, CEO, XCSpec Controls. “AirWatch addresses back to school (and back to the office) health concerns and new building codes designed to decrease the spread of viruses like COVID-19, improve health and cognition, and educate teachers and students on classroom air conditions.”

XCSpec is a California based technology company founded in 2013 by tech veterans Jan and Pete Peterson with the goal of improving commercial building air quality and efficiency. For more information, visit