BRUGINE — CAREL, a multinational company specializing in control solutions for the air conditioning, refrigeration, and air humidification sectors, announces the launch of RED optimise, the new generation of digital services designed to improve quality and efficiency in the management of various technologies in retail, industrial, logistics, and commercial applications. The platform is innovative in terms of content, technology, and interface, making it the ideal solution for controlling systems and cutting operating costs: The main benefits are optimized energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and improved product storage quality and indoor comfort.


A Platform that Manages the Entire System and All Connected Sites

RED optimise is a web portal for centralised management of multiple sites, bringing together and processing data from every installed system and unit so as to provide valuable information through intuitive dashboards, advanced algorithms, and clear messages as well as suggestions on possible optimizations. The level of digitalization and connectivity now available in systems thanks to the new CAREL monitoring solutions allows data to be acquired from different installed technologies. The new RED optimise portal makes it possible to effectively use these data, providing the information in a usable and easily comparable way. Lighting, air conditioning and heating systems, refrigeration circuits, compressor racks, electrical panels, and energy meters are all technologies manufactured in different parts of the world and installed by different technical personnel, each with different procedures, habits, and experience: For these reasons, the systems installed on any given site may vary greatly in terms of configuration and performance. Regardless of the manufacturer or the technology, CAREL ensures the necessary information is always available. RED optimise makes it possible to centralize information, processing the necessary data so that these are readily available and easily usable to identify possible problems or declines in performance and then promptly restore optimal conditions.

RED optimise sorts and analyses information based on geolocation, so as to offer a simple and intuitive overview of the managed systems. In this way, in just a few simple steps, all the data from all of the local supervisors can be compared to identify and analyze both problems to be solved and efficient configurations that can be replicated in the other systems, down to the single device level. Indeed, through the application of artificial intelligence to transform basic data into valuable information, chains of stores, logistics centers, and manufacturers can exploit RED optimise to improve its processes and the quality of their work through specific reports and analyses.

Finally, the security of the RED optimise infrastructure guarantees protection of information through data encryption, the use of protocols that comply with security standards, and periodical audits conducted by CAREL and its partners.


IoT to Support the Sustainability of Retail Chains

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have been proven to help food retailers maintain food quality and safety while using as little energy as possible. IoT technology ensures the right temperatures are maintained for optimal food preservation, both fresh and frozen, reducing waste by up to 40% and maximizing energy efficiency for the entire cold chain, HVAC, lighting, and more.

Reducing energy costs and food waste not only makes the retail world healthy and profitable but also contributes to building a greener and more sustainable planet. In the last five years alone, IoT solutions have allowed food retailers to save $37 million, reducing waste due to incorrect preservation by 40% and avoiding over 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

“With RED optimise, CAREL supports its customers in optimising all system management processes and achieving their sustainability targets,” said Gabriele Putzolu, IoT service business development manager. “Recognition of critical patterns and identification of improvement actions are tasks for a small number of experts when starting from raw data, and require significant commitment in terms of resources and costs. We therefore aim to provide the expertise and technologies needed to make managing so much complexity simple. CAREL’s many years of experience, acquired together with all of our customers through the development of the best solutions for each application, thermodynamic expertise in laboratory analyses, and modern data mining and machine learning technologies, make RED optimise the perfect tool for optimizing and enhancing their work, providing information in a practical and easily understandable way.”