SCHOFIELD, Wis. — Greenheck’s new model OPA is a configurable open plenum array that can be designed and optimized for a specified height and width. With customization available based on sound, horsepower, number of fans, or overall efficiency criteria, the Open Plenum Array offers multiple solutions for a variety of performance needs. Constructed of foam-filled galvanized steel panels within a laser cut and formed galvanized steel structure, the OPA can be specified in sizes up to 96 inches in height and 636 inches in length. The array can be powered with NEMA premium AC induction motors up to 10 hp or three-phase Vari-Green® motors with an integrated drive providing industry-leading IE5 efficiencies. Seven wheel sizes are available with aluminum wheel construction as standard on all selections. Optional airfoil construction is also available. Greenheck’s factory-tested and fully assembled OPA is ideal for data center, mission critical, and custom air-handling applications. For more information, visit