LITTLETON, Colo. — Gicon Engineered Pumps will be renamed Headwater Engineered Systems going forward. As a part of Headwater Companies’ national footprint, Headwater Engineered Systems will be able to provide its products and services to all Headwater Cos.’ network of customers going forward.

For almost two decades, Gicon Engineered Pumps worked with specifying engineers to build custom products, systems, and designs. These include high-voltage, high-horsepower water transfer designs as turnkey solutions for advanced, nonstandard applications in municipal, commercial, and industrial settings.

In addition to engineered-to-order products, Headwater Engineered Systems provides all the technical support, field services support, installation, on-site training and troubleshooting for any type of system — from a custom-built 650 horsepower submersible or lineshaft turbine to a pre-packaged pumping system.

Mark Durham, general manager of commercial business, is excited about the opportunity to synergize with Headwater Companies and its customers.

“We are very excited to introduce Headwater Engineered Systems and to provide engineered and specified products and professional services to the commercial, municipal and industrial markets that Headwater Companies currently serves,” Durham said. “It allows Headwater Companies to broaden its market scope with confidence, knowing they have a competent team and product offering to meet and exceed expectations.”

Headwater Engineered Systems will be headed up by Mark Hacker, newly appointed operations manager. Hacker brings 28 years of industry experience to the role, from customer service to manufacturing and engineering processes.

Furthermore, Gicon Engineered Pumps was recently recertified for the ISO 9001 certification under the Headwater Engineered Systems name.

“Attaining the ISO 9001 certification is a mark of commitment to quality,” Durham said. “We just had a major audit with zero infractions, which is essentially a perfect score. It points to our unwavering dedication to quality.”

Gicon Engineered Pumps has been ISO certified each year since 2015. For more information, visit