MINNEAPOLIS — Daikin Applied announced updates to its Rebel Applied™ packaged rooftop HVAC system. Rebel Applied now comes with inverter scroll compressors, precision temperature and humidity control, and adaptive refrigeration technology.

The Rebel Applied packaged rooftop HVAC system’s new features, including inverter scroll compressors driven by Daikin inverter technology help boost the unit’s efficiency. Unlike staged compressors that operate at fixed points, inverter technology modulates compressor and cooling capacity continuously from 100% down to 15%, so the system dynamically responds to match the load of a building. This means constant temperature and humidity control, which helps reduce energy use and operating costs while enhancing occupant comfort.

By continually adjusting to building load, Rebel Applied consumes less energy at part load to deliver an Integrated Energy Efficiency Rating (IEER) as high as 20, more than 40% above ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. In addition, engineers and building owners can select either a lead-circuit or dual-circuit inverter compressor configuration based on their efficiency targets and performance goals.

"With accurate temperature and humidity control, Rebel Applied creates an ideal environment for occupants, so they can operate at their most productive levels," said Matthew Dodds, applied rooftop product manager, Daikin Applied Americas. "At the same time, facility managers can optimize energy consumption and provide bottom-line savings. Plus, the compact footprint and fully configurable cabinet makes Rebel Applied the right fit for every new construction or retrofit application."

The addition of adaptive refrigerant control also allows Rebel Applied to intelligently manage refrigeration cycles to keep the system online and operating safely. On the hottest days, or when loads are at their highest, the adaptive controls look at the entering and leaving refrigerant conditions and modify the compressor and expansion valves to prevent overload and nuisance shutdowns. The supporting Microtech controller gives users the ability to monitor the system in real time as well, and regulate refrigeration performance to improve operation during extreme weather or occupancy events. 

To complement the latest features, Rebel Applied is equipped with several indoor air quality (IAQ) technologies available as factory-installed options, including UV lights to kill pathogens and prevent microbes from living in the unit, high-efficiency pre and final filtration to capture more contaminants, and humidifier grids that help produce ideal building environments.

"We're in tune with buildings and indoor spaces more than ever," Dodds said. "IAQ enhancements and precision controls that deliver quality air, and increase peace of mind and comfort are essential."

For more information, visit https://www.daikinapplied.com/products/rooftop-systems/rebel-applied.