ROCKFORD, Ill. — Rockford Systems LLC, dba Rockford Combustion Solutions, is broadening its portfolio of offerings to include field service throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. New or expanded field service offerings include expert tuning for emissions control and energy optimization, combustion equipment inspections, troubleshooting, equipment service and repairs, and preventive maintenance programs.


Field Service

Rockford Combustion Solutions expanded the field service team to improve its customer response times, broaden its service options, and add G1 licensed technicians for Canadian systems. Field service offerings include combustion and oxy-fuel system tuning to maximize efficiency and decrease combustion safety risks, preventive maintenance to keep systems running smoothly and identify opportunities for improvement, and start-up and commissioning to ensure new equipment is properly and quickly installed to manufacturer and code requirements. Other field service offerings include equipment upgrades and repairs, electrical reviews and debug, gas booster maintenance, furnace optimization, testing for NOx, and other flue-gas emission.



The field service team utilizes numerous checklists to screen fuel-delivery systems and equipment for NFPA/ANSI/ASME/NEC/EPA code compliance; identify installation, operational, and maintenance issues; provide information on technological advances and best practices; and uncover training deficiencies. Inspections utilize proprietary software and include formal reporting, including a detailed list of all findings and critical issues that may impact life safety. A cloud-based customer portal helps managers track issues from identification to resolution. Technicians and engineers can troubleshoot burner management systems, diagnose operational issues, analyze test emissions, perform calibrations, review wiring schematics, and more.


Turnkey Solutions

Rockford Combustion Solutions offers a full turnkey solution for safety-conscious organizations that work with fuel-fired equipment, including inspections for code compliance, standard and build-to-spec ventless and vented valve trains (Made in the USA) and components, engineering services to modify an existing system or design a completely new one, controls/PLC programming and troubleshooting services, customized on-site training and enhanced field support services.

“Rockford Combustion Solutions is proud to expand its range of field support services to respond quickly to a variety of customer needs, including tuning, inspections, audits, troubleshooting and repair, preventative maintenance, engineering services and customized training,” said Robert Sanderson, P.E., director of business development. “This turnkey solution helps organizations improve safety and reduce risk.”

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