PINEBROOK, N.J. — Fujitsu General America has introduced two larger Refrigerant Branch Units (RBU) to simplify installations and to expand the heat recovery capability of their VR-II Series Airstage VRF systems.

The new RBUs, which manage simultaneous heating and cooling in heat recovery systems, can serve between eight and 12 zones.  Previously, only four zones could be served by a single RBU. 

This advancement permits engineers, architects, and installers to use fewer RBUs and also expands the flexibility of heat recovery systems, providing the opportunity to share thermal energy across more zones. 

Flexible piping arrangements and compact size allow the new RBUs to accommodate a variety of floor plans, elevations, and design changes. The RBUs require no drain pan. A two-way, outdoor piping option provides greater flexibility for indoor unit connections. Maintenance tasks are easily performed even with minimal clearances, an advantage that comes from a front panel that hooks to the unit for easy internal access. For more information, visit