CINCINNATI, Ohio — Single Phase Power Solutions (SPPS) has partnered with Yaskawa America to incorporate their VFD and Digital Single-Phase Converters within Single Phase’s engineered power systems. Availability of these digital solutions enhances SPPS’ capabilities to engineer custom designs based on application-specific parameters to deliver clean, stable, reliable three-phase power from single phase utility service. In many areas of the country, it is prohibitively expensive to extend three-phase power, forcing customers to choose among problematic options, such as static or rotary phase converters or derating three-phase VFDs, which can produce harmful harmonics that can damage sensitive electronics. This partnership allows Single Phase Power Solutions to better design custom power sources to suit site-specific needs with no harmonics, reliability issues, or tuning required.

“We’re excited to partner with Yaskawa and include their Digital Single-Phase Converters in our product offerings,” said Drew Abbott, president, SPPS. “Incorporating their best in class technology allows us to add even more performance to our engineered power sources. We’re seeing more interest in custom packages, like VFDs with single-phase converters that allow remote monitoring. This partnership gives us a more robust toolbox for designing power solutions engineered for specific applications.”

The partnership with Yaskawa provides substantial benefits, including an IEEE 519-compliant product with total harmonic distortion of less than 10%, which reduces installation costs. Drive sizing is more accurately accomplished, eliminating the need to oversize, thus saving acquisition and operating costs. For more information, visit