WASHINGTON — The Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) process, and the value it brings to building performance and successful project closeout, is often overlooked and undervalued. Key construction team members who drive project schedule and project closeout would greatly benefit from understanding the common TAB processes performed on building mechanical systems as well as the issues that can occur when such processes are impeded. This webinar, presented by Engineered Systems columnist Rebecca Ellis, P.E., CxA, Questions & Solutions Engineering; Miles Ryan, Questions & Solutions Engineering; and Mark Cotroneo, TBE, SMB of Minnesota, will explain several common TAB processes, present problems often encountered during those processes, and explain how those problems can prevent successful project completion and proper system operation. The presenters will also offer best practices to better integrate the TAB professional into the construction team.


Lesson Objectives:

–          Explain the role of the TAB professional;

–          Summarize common TAB procedures performed in buildings;

–          List common system performance issues that are typically not identified until the TAB process is performed; and

–          Identify the best practices to properly integrate the TAB professional into the construction team.


For more information, or to register, visit https://www.aabc.com/aabc-tab-talk-webinar-registration-value-of-tab-to-building-performance-project-closeout.