The new Aquaticum Waterpark of Debrecen, Hungary, is not only unique regarding its architectural solutions but, due to its high demand of capacity, it is also one of BORD HVAC Engineering’s most outstanding projects. 

The heating requirement of the spa is nothing short of massive. The spa has several units that need to be heated, including the hot water pools, changing rooms, showers, shops, restaurants and more.

Performance demand depends on several other factors, such as the number of visitors, the weather, the time of day, etc. Considering the maximum number of visitors, a total of eight domestic hot water containers — 2 cubic meters per piece — were placed in the heating center on the cellar level of the main building. Producing domestic hot water also requires a great deal of heating.

Numerically speaking, the heating requirement of the spa is approximately 6,000 kW during the summer and 393 kW during the winter. By comparison, the neighboring Nagyerdei Stadium, with its heated football pitch, requires approximately 2,500 kW of energy. The summer heating requirements of the spa could provide enough heating for approximately 1,700 newly built and insulated apartments.

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