WATERTOWN, Mass. — Bosch Thermotechnology, a global source of high-quality heating and cooling systems, announced the expansion of its Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) Family to include a 15-SEER-rated unitary inverter solution, IDS Light, as well as IDS Plus (18 SEER) and IDS Premium (20 SEER).

Made possible by the new BVA15 air handler and BOVB18 condenser, the new IDS Light system is designed for optimum comfort at an approachable price point. The IDS Light delivers quality engineering, quiet performance, and exceptional value to homeowners whose needs may not be demanding enough to require a higher SEER rated system.

“Recognizing a significant need in the market, the Bosch engineering team set out to design a 15- SEER-rated inverter to round out the IDS Family, creating an even more expansive solution,” said Katie Woodling, air conditioning product management group leader. “Designed with optimum energy efficiency in mind, these systems deliver custom comfort while maximizing value, each packaged in a sleek, quiet unit.”

Engineered for high-efficiency, Bosch IDS systems are designed to use the optimum amount of energy to achieve maximum comfort while keeping sound levels to a minimum. One of the quietest systems on the market, the system uses silent blade technology, sound isolating mounts, and outdoor condensing section placement to provide sound levels as low as 56 dBA.

Conventional heat pumps’ frequent cycling on and off can result in uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Inverter-driven pumps are able to self-adjust, providing consistent room temperature, even when the outdoor temperature dips below freezing. The on-off cycle of traditional pumps also creates energy surges, while the IDS systems steadily ramp up operation, avoiding energy spikes and protecting the system’s life cycle and energy usage. The high-efficiency systems’ ability to operate at optimum energy usage also qualifies for maximum rebates from energy providers, resulting in cost-savings to homeowners.

The Bosch IDS Family now features three solutions to provide homeowners with the right-sized system to fit specific needs:

•           IDS Light: Providing the benefits of a 15-SEER inverter system at an approachable price point, this newly designed system combines the efficient and reliable BOVB18 outdoor unit with the BVA15 PSC air handler;

•           IDS Plus: Previously IDS 1.0, the 18-SEER IDS Plus system provides a balance of efficiency and comfort through a combination of the BOVB18 outdoor unit with the elevated BVA20 2 stage constant torque electronically commutated motor (ECM)-style air handler; and

•           IDS Premium: Delivering the IDS Family’s highest efficiency for maximum energy rebates from providers, IDS Premium, previously IDS 2.0, is Bosch’s highest efficiency system. Boasting a 20-SEER rating, the system utilizes the top tier BOVA20 outdoor unit with the BVA20 2 stage constant torque ECM style air handler.


The Bosch IDS System, including IDS Light, IDS Plus and IDS Premium is now available. For more information, visit https://www.bosch-thermotechnology.us/us/en/ocs/residential/inverter-ducted-split-system-ids--1098928-p/