EVANSTON, Ill. — The current pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the invisible threat of airborne viruses and other pathogens in commercial and residential buildings. Highly effective systems are available to purify recirculated air, but, because of cost and delivery issues, they are often not an immediately available solution.

All HVAC systems have some means of filtering the air that they cool, heat, and recycle. Mostly, these filters are designed to trap particulates and prevent the spread of dust and pollens. To mitigate the spread of pathogens, additional filter technology is required. ProGuard® Filters from ProMark Associates, are a quick and affordable way for building owners and facility managers to improve IAQ. In most cases, there is a ProGuard Filter that is sized to be a direct replacement for filters currently in use. For each size, there are also different technologies available to respond to a particular situation.

ProGuard Filters use safe chemical and particulate filtering to replace existing particulate-only filters. ProGuard Filters use high-capacity potassium permanganate on alumina to kill pathogens. Other filters from ProMark can block the recirculation of viruses with MERV-14 filtration. A key point is that these filter upgrades provide up to 95% airflow so that the overall resistance of the system will be only slightly affected by the change.

“Specialized technology is needed to kill and or filter out the contaminants,” said Jeff Roseberry, president of ProMark Associates. “Especially during the pandemic, care should be taken when changing or cleaning filter media, as it may contain live pathogens. The technician should wear eye, hand, and breathing protection, and the old filter should be placed in a sealed bag and disposed of.”

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