EASTON, Pa. — Victaulic, a global manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, is now offering vertically integrated fabrication solutions to the oil, gas, and chemicals (OG&C) industry. Victaulic will now provide dedicated and customized support to owners and operators at every stage of their fabrication process.

“As the oil, gas and chemical industry strives to mitigate risk, maximize productivity, and drive value across their asset portfolios, Victaulic’s fabrication solution is the latest example of our commitment to be a trusted project partner, reducing our customers’ risk and increasing their productivity onsite through modularization,” said Grady Wilkerson, vice president of sales. “Through our integrated offering and expertise, we partner with our customers at every step in their fabrication process. From modeling through on-site training and support, Victaulic’s project team provides dedicated service and support to meet our customer’s needs.”

Victaulic’s fabrication solutions are proven to help companies mitigate safety risk, maximize productivity of diverse craft labor, modularize construction, and minimize construction schedules by as much as 80%.

The integrated fabrication services and solutions include:

•           Project Modeling: Victaulic’s fabrication process begins in preconstruction. Victaulic’s in-house modeling team partners with customers to provide industry leading models, virtual facility tours, transparent project drawings, and regular project update meetings. Models are created in a 3D environment for effortless visualization and collaboration. From the time Victaulic’s in-house modeling team receives the project, through on-site product delivery, the dedicated team at Victaulic is available to provide the highest quality service and support.

•           Fabrication: Upon completion of 3D preconstruction models, Victaulic mobilizes its fabrication facilities across the U.S., which are equipped to handle metallic and non-metallic pipe materials (steel, stainless-steel, HDPE, CPVC, and ductile iron), including coated and lined systems. Every joint assembled in a Victaulic fabrication shop can be traced back its point of origin, and every union is visually verified for proper installation within the Victaulic facility. This provides customers with unmatched reliability and assurance that every spool is properly assembled and verified before it arrives on-site.

•           Coordinated Delivery & Installation: All Victaulic assemblies are fabricated to ensure the material is coordinated, tagged, and on-site when needed. Single-source material management allows Victaulic to provide complete product shipments without the risk of backorders.

•           Jobsite Support & Training: A customer’s dedicated Victaulic project lead will be on-site to assist with delivery and oversee assembly as well as conduct formal best in industry product training for work crews. Regardless of crew size or training need, Victaulic will be there to help. Victaulic’s patented grooved technology enables up to 80% faster field installation and streamlines fit-ups if modifications are required. Furthermore, mechanical pipe joining significantly reduces the likelihood of job site injury and minimizes emissions during installation and can be performed in any type of weather—even in extreme environments.

At the conclusion of every fabrication project, Victaulic delivers a customized project file including a full project log for joint traceability, as-built models of the final installation, and contact information for the full fabrication team should additional information or support be needed.

For more information, visit www.victaulic.com/ogcfabrication.