MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. — Three-phase monitor relays that protect equipment from voltage faults and communicate voltage parameters via Modbus TCP have been introduced by Macromatic Industrial Controls, Inc.

The new Macromatic PC Series makes data available for continuous monitoring, real time alerts, and intelligent troubleshooting. This industry leading technology helps reduce downtime and service cost in smart connected control systems.

Embedded communication in these-phase monitor devices (PMDs) makes real-time and historical data available for analytics, predictive, and preventative maintenance and machine learning.

The PC Series monitors three-phase system voltages to protect from phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, under voltage, and over voltage.

The unit’s universal monitored voltage range of 190- to 600-V AC covers more global applications. True RMS voltage measurement with full wave monitoring provides more accurate measurement of voltage, regardless of load type or wave shape.

A 60-mm wide enclosure mounts on 35-mm DIN-rail or on a panel with mounting clips extended from the back of the enclosure. Removable terminal connectors make installation and replacement easy, without having to remove any wires. For more information, visit