MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls, a global manufacturer of smart and sustainable buildings, announces a compact, easy-to-install thermostat featuring a contemporary design, entry-level price, and seamless user experience.

The FCP Thermostat is designed for 2-pipe and 4-pipe fan coil units with up to a 3-speed fan, conventional packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC), and heat pump PTAC with or without auxiliary heat.

“The FCP is an affordable thermostat that will appeal to a variety of industries because it’s easy to install, configure, and control,” said Justin Pasquale, product manager, thermostats and sensors at Johnson Controls.

As a non-connected and non-wireless thermostat, the FCP Thermostat is a cost-conscious solution ideal for high-rise offices, apartments, hospitality, primary and secondary education facilities, government buildings, and more. Attractive, intuitive, and easy to use, the FCP Thermostat is perfect for those looking for an approachable digital unit.

The FCP Thermostat includes these features:

•           Compact design for greater versatility;

•           Pre-wiring for simplified installation;

•           Quick setup menu for ease of operation and commissioning;

•           Improved large display with adjustable backlight for optimal user experience;

•           Min./max. temperature protection for greater peace of mind;

•           Remote sensor ready to ensure compatibility with applicable sensors, such as occupancy, pipe changeover, or remote temperature sensors; and

•           Non-programmable, plus seven-day programmable option to better manage occupancy, save energy and costs, and optimize the HVAC system.


The FCP Thermostat also includes the option for custom branding to build awareness and keep the HVAC manufacturer or supplier top-of-mind for future business. For more information, click here.