CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Armacell, a provider of flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a provider of engineered foams, announced the commercial market release of ArmaFlex Ultra with FlameDefense technology, the first flexible elastomeric foam insulation UL Classified as to UL 723 with a 25/50 rating.

Armacell’s innovative FlameDefense technology helps resist burning and reduces smoke development. In the event of fire, materials that are UL 723-classified will burn slower and produce less smoke, giving occupants and first responders precious extra time. With patent pending FlameDefense technology, ArmaFlex Ultra goes beyond the required building codes and international safety regulations, thus furthering the company’s commitment to safety and energy efficiency.

“Safety is at the center of what we stand for at Armacell and, as such, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products while making safety a top priority,” said Ciro Ahumada, vice president, Americas, Armacell.

Armacell’s commitment to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA’s) Life Safety Code drove the pursuit of a UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) Classification Mark, which mandates that materials are evaluated by independent, third-party testing facilities compliant with UL classified testing and auditing requirements.

ArmaFlex Ultra was tested and proven to have 100% consistent and compliant results. The UL Classification Mark gives engineers, specifiers, and building owners the assurance that ArmaFlex Ultra will perform consistently year after year. Plus, it meets an International Mechanical Code (IMC) third-party certification standard that no other flexible elastomeric insulation manufacturer has met.

“Insulation is a key material in the buildings in which we live and work every day,” said Shawn Dunahue, general manager, marketing, Americas. “By choosing ArmaFlex Ultra, customers can be confident they are choosing a smarter alternative — tested, proven, and classified by rigorous third-party testing standards.”

ArmaFlex Ultra is a closed-cell, plenum-rated insulation. It has exceptional water vapor permeability and thermal properties. Additionally, ArmaFlex Ultra provides moisture resistance and condensation control to prevent moisture from forming on pipes, a common problem that leads to mold, corrosion, and water damage in mechanical systems and buildings.

Introduced in January to engineers and specifiers, Armacell’s ArmaFlex Ultra is now available to the North American commercial market and will be sold through its extensive network of insulation distributors. For more information, visit