PHILADELPHIA — Hill International, a global firm dedicated to managing construction risk, was awarded Project of the Year for the Riverfront Park U.S. Pavilion in Spokane, Washington, from the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). Hill also won the National Project Achievement Award for this project. In addition, the firm received CMAA awards for three other projects. These awards spanned the company’s work across the U.S., from Boston to Orange County, California, and encompassed infrastructure, parks, and manufacturing. The awards are:

•           CMAA Project of the Year: City of Spokane, Riverfront Park U.S. Pavilion, Spokane;

•           CMAA National Project Achievement Award: City of Spokane, Riverfront Park U.S. Pavilion, Spokane, in the category Commercial/Sports/Entertainment/Hospitality: Construction value less than $50 Million;

•           CMAA New England Chapter Project Achievement Award: Northeastern University, Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Center, Pedestrian Bridge, Boston: Project of the Year 2020;

•           CMAA National Project Achievement Award: Boeing Company, V-22 Osprey Future Factory, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, in the category Commercial/Sports/Entertainment/Hospitality: Construction value greater than $50 Million; and

•           CMAA Southern California Chapter Project Achievement Award: Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), City of Orange County Metrolink Parking Structure, Orange, California, in the category of Transportation Project $11 Million - $50 Million.


Each project presented unique challenges and opportunities, from coordinating multiple stakeholders on active sites to integrating striking designs and new technologies. For example, on the U.S. Pavilion, Hill managed the progressive design-build delivery of the reimagining of an iconic public performance and park space centered around a 150-foot-tall angled mast.

In Boston, on the Pedestrian Bridge project for Northeastern University, the team constructed a 320-foot-long, high-design bridge connecting the buildings of the University’s science campus above active Amtrak and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) tracks.

Similarly, the Future Factory project for the tiltrotor Osprey V-22 aircraft repurposed a 90-year-old-plus former steel factory on the Delaware River into a state-of-the-art, high-tech manufacturing and aircraft maintenance facility. For OCTA, the team constructed a five-story, 600-space parking facility in a congested downtown area while successfully incorporating several innovate features, including electric car charging stations, enhanced plaza areas, and photovoltaic cells. In part through the Hill team’s efforts, these projects were realized on-time and as-planned.

“What CMAA has recognized with these awards is the inherent talent of all of our teams, from our clients and designer and contractor partners to, of course, Hill’s very own project managers, inspectors, schedulers, estimators, and engineers,” said Raouf Ghali, CEO, Hill. “I couldn’t be prouder of these awards and our U.S. professionals and their achievements. Well done to all involved, and a special kudos to the Spokane team for bringing home the project of the year.”

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