SUNRISE, Fla. — In a strategic move, JOX Energy LLC acquired EnergyWare LLC, a national provider of energy efficiency technology.

EnergyWare has proven experience in assisting customers determine the best options in financing, design, implementation, oversite, and return-on-investment accuracy. Currently, over 99% of EnergyWare's clients have stated that they would highly recommend the products and services offered by the provider.

"In meeting EnergyWare group, I was extremely impressed with employees, directors, ownership, and discussing their vision of wanting to grow,” said Jake Jacques, owner, JOX Energy LLC. "My main goal with this acquisition is to continue the amazing customer support the EnergyWare team currently provides. The decision to go through with the acquisition was fueled by the growth potential in both the energy and energy efficiency markets, as I knew I wanted to be a part of that."

The EnergyWare team will be pursuing projects involving solar and HVAC technology for their clients and plans to grow both domestically and internationally in the near future.

"We're very proud of EnergyWare,” said Michael Bertamini, CEO, EnergyWare. “When we first started it, we started with just a handful of representatives. Now, we work in over 30 states and deal with both Fortune 1,000 companies as well as some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the country. One of the highlights here at EnergyWare is the vast and diversified group of people we've been able to work with over the years. It's really been an incredible experience having these folks grow personally, professionally, and financially."

Through this strategic initiative and integration, EnergyWare customers will receive additional products and services under one umbrella and will have access to a growing number of efficient technical resources. Additionally, international customers will now have a single point of presence for all of their energy efficiency needs.

"EnergyWare combined the four critical elements to form a one-stop-shop for businesses to make an informed decision about lowering the biometric footprint, lowering energy costs, and reinvesting said savings to increase either aesthetic or property value," said Steve Canton, the former investment arm at Acostia Ventures and current Chairman of EnergyWare LLC. "It seemed like too good of an offer. EnergyWare has expanded its products and services across the U.S. to small, medium, and large corporations; has gone beyond customer expectations; and has far exceeded the investment horizons for Acostia Ventures."

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