COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — In response to the continued growth and expansion of the VISION Burner and Combustion Solutions business unit and other business initiatives, Victory Energy has made a strategic hire in naming longtime industry expert Vijay Mandayam as vice president of combustion solutions and business innovation.

In a new position for Victory Energy, Mandayam is responsible for the further development and deeper market advancement of the company’s strategic mission, including its overall combustion business while also overseeing future innovation initiatives that extend across Victory Energy’s product and service platforms.

“We’re excited to bring Vijay Mandayam to Victory Energy,” said John Viskup, president and CEO, Victory Energy. “His experience in the industry is extensive. Vijay is well known and people respect his talent. He has a strong track record of sales growth and profit margin delivery while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. His extensive industry knowledge is exactly what is needed at this time to accelerate and broaden our deeper market penetration of not only the suite of combustion products and solutions while also providing a far more cohesive integrated heat transfer solutions offering.”

Mandayam has held several significant management positions, both domestically and globally, in the steam, combustion, and heat recovery industry over the past three decades. His roles ranged from management, sales, product business development, and customer service in addition to extensive M&A activities.

“I’ve known Vijay for many years,” said Jeff Coale, vice president of business development. “I’ve always admired the way that he’s mentored young professionals in our industry. His extensive knowledge and willingness to share this knowledge is going to be invaluable in elevating our capabilities across the organization. Many people can tell you what is, whereas Vijay can tell you what could be. Our collective ability to innovate across the company is going to increase tremendously with him leading these efforts.”

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