When homes change hands, new owners often want to bring a fireplace back to life, and it is easy to do with today’s gas fireplace inserts. This makes perfect sense. Gas inserts are convenient, safe, and efficient. Aside from creating that rich, warm, cozy atmosphere; a quality gas insert can also serve as a space heater. Having a reliable source of back-up heat for the home in the event of a power outage can be reassuring.

In the past, many homeowners have learned this option was not financially viable for them due to the condition or character of the fireplace’s masonry chimney. In some cases, the top portion of the chimney is missing, it was toppled or removed to make way for a renovation. Safe access could also be the reason. A steep roof or surrounding obstacles can also create potential roadblocks. The final reason could be physics. Some chimneys are too tall to work with traditional gas fireplace venting systems.

The good news is times have changed. A new venting solution could permit many of these masonry fireplaces to be refurbished. DuraVent now offers a HORIZONTAL vent kit for use with direct-vent gas fireplace inserts.

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