SCHOFIELD, Wis. — Greenheck’s model GJI is the latest in its GreenJet® series of fans specifically designed to ventilate enclosed parking structures. Featuring a low profile of less than 12 inches, the GJI ductless jet fan maximizes vehicle clearance space to allow for shorter floor-to-floor heights in the garage. The GJI’s aerodynamic outlet vanes maximize air throw distance to increase the mixing of fresh air into the space while pushing contaminants toward the exhaust outlets. The GJI uses an electronically commutated (EC) motor and a 0-10 VDC control signal or Modbus (RS 485) communication for speed and volume control. The GJI includes a built-in NEMA 3R disconnect and a quick connect terminal strip for easy power and control wiring connection. The complete power ventilator assembly is UL705 listed. For more information, visit