SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. — NEFI, the trade association formerly known as the New England Fuel Institute, has changed its name to the National Energy & Fuels Institute. The new name formalizes the organization's mission and longtime leadership role as an advocate for liquid heating fuel providers in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country.

"NEFI has served these mostly small Main Street family businesses since it was founded in 1942, and that will never change," said Sean Cota, president & CEO, NEFI. "What has changed is the essential role they play in the clean-energy economy and their need for a single, unified national voice to promote their interests."

Liquid heating fuel providers are best defined as wholesale and retail distributors of home heating oil, a product that is rapidly changing. Many of these essential businesses — the majority of which are small, family-owned-and-operated companies — now offer consumers a product blended with biodiesel and other advanced biofuels, commonly referred to as Bioheat® Fuel. Some states, such as Rhode Island and New York, even require its use.

At a summit organized by NEFI last September in Providence, Rhode Island, more than 300 industry stakeholders from across the Northeast unanimously adopted a resolution to dramatically reduce the industry's greenhouse gas emissions. The Providence Resolution promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil by 40% by 2030 and deliver a net-zero liquid heating fuel to consumers by 2050. The resolution has been adopted by every state and local heating oil association in the Northeast.

"The Providence Resolution's widespread adoption shows that NEFI is successfully bringing the entire heating fuel industry together for its future," said Peter Aziz, outgoing NEFI board chairperson. "We believe our new name better reflects what NEFI is, where our members work, and the essential products and services we provide."

NEFI is a direct-member national trade association that exclusively represents the liquid heating fuels industry, which serves approximately 6 million homes and businesses nationwide. For decades, the organization has been assuming a larger role on national issues important to liquid heating fuel providers, resulting in greater interest in association membership across the country. For more information, visit