HOUSTON — Honeywell announced its Enabled Services program powered by Honeywell Forge, a new automation life cycle services offering focused on ensuring Industrial Control System (ICS) health, reliability, and compliance.

For today’s manufacturers, limited access to operational insights can put their plants, profits, and people at risk. Honeywell’s new program will enable industrial customers to focus on what they do best — running plant processes — without worrying about ongoing control system maintenance and support. Honeywell uses its remote support capabilities and deep process industry domain expertise to assess, manage, and optimize their automation assets without having to be physically on-site.

“Honeywell developed the Enabled Services program as a subscription-based service for ICS users dealing with increasing system complexity, an aging industrial workforce, and the constraints imposed on plant operations by global health concerns,” said Mark Dean, director of offering management, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Through this Enabled Services offering, Honeywell’s experts can conduct rapid analysis and make fast recommendations to solve the issues and be on-site only when necessary. Honeywell has created a powerful tool for customers to significantly improve maintenance efficiency and redirect expensive resources to high-priority corrective maintenance.”

Honeywell estimates its Enabled Services solution can deliver increased value by reducing the number of incidents per year by 40% with a net decrease in total cost of ownership of 15%. These capabilities not only help improve system health, performance, and compliance but also allow customers to redirect existing high skill resources to use more time to work on systems improvements and to focus on their core business.

Based on Honeywell’s step-change Lifecycle Solutions & Services delivery model, which responds to customer-driven feedback from around the world, the Enabled Services solution is designed around three key pillars:

•           System health and performance — in other words, what is going wrong in the plant;

•           System compliance — why it is going wrong; and

•           Prescriptive maintenance and remediation — how the issues can be resolved.


Honeywell’s program uses intuitive and consistent dashboards powered by Honeywell Forge technology, which provides users with real-time intelligence to enable peak performance. It also employs remote connection and/or local data collection, predictive, and diagnostic tools, and global resource centers – all to support improved operational and business performance.

Enabled Services’ remote support capabilities were specifically developed with security in mind. The services employ protected network connections built on industry recognized standards, such as IEC 62443, to transfer data from the customer’s site to Honeywell’s global resource centers.

Through its proactive approach, Enabled Services offers improved efficiencies compared with ad hoc maintenance regimens, homegrown solutions that compromise migration readiness, and/or delaying service and repairs until assets fail. This comprehensive solution can help company executives, plant managers, and control engineers to:

•           Understand and improve operational effectiveness and risk profiles;

•           Leverage operational benefits from systems, applications, and people;

•           Focus efforts on core competencies by deploying suitably skilled resources; and

•           Improve the health, security and stability of control assets.


Honeywell’s Enabled Services offering includes two levels of support to meet diverse customer requirements. Enabled Services Enhanced employs fully connected systems and offers continuous insights on system health, performance and compliance with actionable recommendations. Enabled Services Essential is intended for a non-connected system and offers less frequent updates. For more information, visit www.honeywellprocess.com.