MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls has introduced the Envirco IsoClean® filtration system designed to easily and economically create a negative pressure isolation room/environment that meets OSHA and CDC TB guidelines as the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. IsoClean® can be used as a positive pressure clean air recirculating system in clinics, waiting rooms, hospital emergency rooms, and other confined areas. The system can also be used as a partial or complete exhausting unit to construct a negative pressure isolation room space.

“The IsoClean® is an easy and economical solution that is ideal for health care professionals looking to create a negative pressure, isolation patient room,” said Mark Mattingly, vice president and general manager, air filtration products, Johnson Controls. “The system can be easily rolled from one room to another and fits into areas with limited floor space. The portability and practical applications this solution offers is optimal for facilities looking for an economical investment.”  


Standard Features

Low cost isolation room: Simply roll the IsoClean® into a standard room, connect flexible ducting to the 6-inch (152-mm) collar on the top of the unit for partial exhaust or to the optional 8-inch (204-mm) flanged collar for total exhaust and vent the purified air to the exterior through a window or wall.

Flexible applications: The versatile IsoClean® can be used as a clean air recirculating unit, a negative pressure unit, or as a split system to create both negative pressure and clean air recirculation by simultaneously exhausting some of the air out while recirculating the remainder back into the room.


Hospital and other Applications

•           Negative pressure rooms emergency rooms;

•           Waiting rooms;

•           Sputum induction;

•           Aerosol pentamidine treatment intensive care units bronchoscopy rooms;

•           Renal dialysis rooms;

•           Clinics;

•           Nursing centers;

•           Physician offices;

•           Homeless shelters; and

•           Addiction recovery centers correctional facilities.


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