JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. — Parker HVAC Filtration, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., a global manufacturer of motion and control technologies, introduces two energy-saving filter products for commercial HVAC use: Parker LoadTECH® 4- and 12-inch filters. Both filters are MERV 14 rated for high efficiency and feature exclusive gold synthetic media with an embossed design to capture dust at a higher capacity than similar models on the market.

The advanced filter systems utilize Parker’s proprietary E-pleat® technology, which molds filtration media into a series of pre-formed channels that direct the air smoothly through the filter, allowing for even loading, minimum resistance, and complete media utilization. The advanced media used in the filters also resists tearing, damage, moisture, and microbial growth contributing to long filter life and fewer filter changeouts over time.

“Commercial customers today are more focused than ever on energy savings and sustainability,” said Richard Keith Chesson, technical team leader, Parker.  “By incorporating a high-quality filter, such as LoadTECH, that’s MERV 14 rated on the ASHRAE scale into their HVAC systems, they will not only realize greater efficiency but also meet the requirements for LEED green building certification. Additionally, with indoor air pollutants being a top environmental health concern, choosing a highly rated filter is an effective way to provide occupants with clean, comfortable air.”

Parker LoadTECH 4- and 12-inch filters are ideal for variable air volume (VAV) systems across a variety of markets, including hotels and entertainment complexes, food processing, microelectronics manufacturing, data centers, commercial office buildings, schools and universities, clean manufacturing facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, government institutions, and industrial manufacturing.

Both the 4- and 12-inch filters feature a rugged, high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) frame that resists cracking. Additional benefits include:

•           Low pressure drop for optimal energy savings;

•           Lightweight construction for easy handling;

•           Interchangeable width and height dimensions; filters can be installed with pleats oriented vertically or horizontally;

•           Rated face velocity of 500 FPM;

•           Maximum operating temperature of 170°F (77°C); and

•           Classified per UL 900 for flammability.


Available Sizes

The larger 12-inch LoadTECH models match the dust-holding capacity of commercial 4-V filters in the HVAC market. The compact 4-inch LoadTECH models offer simplified handling plus reduced storage space requirements and shipping costs with the same filter performance as the 12-inch LoadTECH models. For more information, visit