SCHOFIELD, Wis. — Greenheck’s Vektor-H® high plume laboratory exhaust systems in single and two fan configurations can now be specified with a factory-preprogrammed controls package. The independent control system maintains duct static pressure by modulating fan speed, bypass damper position, and isolation dampers as selected in Greenheck’s Computer Aided Product Selection program (CAPS®).

The control system includes variable frequency drives (VFDs), a duct sensor, and a separate factory-programmed logic controller (PLC) and can operate as a stand-alone or integrate with a building management system using BACnet. Installation is made easy as dampers are powered and controlled from the PLC with quick connect cables. The PLC control box and VFDs can be remote-mounted for easy access while the factory-programmed components reduce start-up time. With performance capacities up to 26,000 cfm and up to 4 in. wg., the Vektor-H is licensed to bear the AMCA seal for sound and air performance and has received Miami-Dade NOA Certification and Florida Product Approval. For more information, visit