TERRELL, Texas — In continuing with its mission to bring customers the largest and most advanced critical power service company in the U.S., Unified Power is proud to announce the acquisition of Core Power Services Inc.

Formed in 1992 by Bernardo Mercado and his brother Ernesto near the San Francisco Bay Area, Core Power Services Inc. provides independent, professional services to users of power conditioning equipment, such as uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units, static switches, and stationary batteries. Their goal is to provide the highest possible level of customer service and technical support with their highly skilled team of field engineers.

Based just outside of Dallas in Terrell, Texas, Unified Power provides companies across the nation with affordable and reliable critical power services for their UPS’s, DC plants, inverters, battery systems, PDUs, generators, and ATS’s for more than two decades. Like Core Power, Unified Power not only delivers proven technical competency but a commitment to customizing the solutions and services that are in the best interest of each individual customer.

The Unified Power brand began in January 2011 when On Computer Services, a national critical power service company, began seeking mergers with high-quality, reputable critical power services providers across the nation. In November 2019, Core Power Services became the 11th entity to join Unified Power thereby creating a much stronger presence in Northern California.

Today, Unified Power supports more than 6,000 customer sites, and the company continues to grow via its commitment to market-leading customer service and continued focus on acquiring relationships with entrepreneurs like Bernardo and Ernesto Mercado. For more information, visit www.unifiedpowerusa.com.