FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — Noritz’s NWCC Wi-Fi Adapter gives property owners and managers, as well as installing and service contractors, full online visibility over their commercial tankless water heaters, regardless of system size — from a single unit to multiple units in multiple locations.

An organized, web-based dashboard and alarm system keeps building managers and maintenance technicians current via multisite monitoring and site-specific notifications, customizable alarms sent directly to designated individuals, timely service-schedule alerts, and valuable troubleshooting insights as well as other important and actionable information.

Although most monitoring will be done via dashboard with notifications coming via text or email a dedicated mobile app is also available for access via smart phone or tablet.

The adapter can be used on a single commercial tankless water heater — say, for restaurant applications — while for multiple-unit tankless rack systems, the adapter would connect to the rack’s system controller. One adapter can monitor up to 24 units in a single system.

“Whether monitoring single or multiple tankless sites, managers and technicians can use their laptops and tablets to stay up to date on what they need to know, when they need to know it across multiple properties and locations,” said Andrew Tran, marketing manager, Noritz. “Should problems arise, the NWCC Adapter immediately transmits via web all the relevant, actionable error information, so that management can take quick action, solving problems or preventing further issues.”

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