DETROIT — HM White, a supplier of advanced paint finishing systems and metal fabrication, factory HVAC systems, and energy conservation solutions, announced a formal series of Energy Sustainability Services. HM White’s Energy Audits leverage more than a decade of experience gained from energy conservation projects at multiple industrial plants nationwide.

“Our energy savings engagements have helped major automotive OEMs achieve ambitious energy and carbon intensity reduction goals,” said Dan Volz, energy programs manager at

HM White. “Our successful projects include major upgrades to powerhouses, lighting upgrades to LED, and building renovations to conserve energy. It is now time to make our expertise available to a broader range of industries.”

The Level 1 Energy Profiling Survey consists of an initial review of the facility’s utility bills and a visual inspection of the building, energy systems, and modes of operation. HM White will provide an Energy Savings Roadmap that identifies low-cost savings opportunities, identifies capital projects that merit further consideration, and provides an initial estimate of potential cost savings.

The Level 2 Precision Energy Investment gives substance to targeted items on the Level 1

Roadmap. Deliverables of this phase include a rigorous analytical evaluation to quantify project cost and savings projections, detailed design of engineered solutions, all followed up by on-site implementation and project management. The Precision Energy Investment phase brings energy savings from the realm of the theoretical into the physical reality of a plant’s operations.

Energy audits, project designs, implementation, and project management will be conducted by HM White energy specialists with over 20 years of engineering and project management experience in construction and manufacturing. For more information, visit