SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Energy Alliance (CEA), a stakeholder advocacy organization committed to smart, sustainable energy use in the built environment, today announced the appointment of Clifton Stanley Lemon as Development Consultant. Lemon will lead the effort to expand CEA membership to represent an even wider range of California energy and resource stakeholder interests.

“Since our inception in 2016, we’ve had substantial success in helping to modernize California energy codes by giving our members a real voice in the regulatory process and by helping regulators understand the needs and behaviors of the market,” said Doug Avery, co-chair, CEA. “As we enter a new phase of growth in 2020, we’re poised to expand our reach and our role in fulfilling our core mission. With experience spanning the worlds of green building, consulting engineering, manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations, Clifton brings to this effort passion for energy, behavior, and the built environment; an unusually well-rounded skillset; and a deep and diverse network.”

Cori Jackson, co-chair, CEA, said CEA serves as a crucial bridge between regulators and the market and offers a unique way for a broad coalition of stakeholders — manufacturers, NGOs, consulting firms, trade organizations, and individual practitioners — to clarify their understanding of initiatives as well as to give vital input to the regulatory process.

“Our organization and unique approach allow us to accomplish this much more efficiently than traditional methods, largely because of the collective dedication and expertise of our members,” Jackson said. “We’re looking for new members across many different industries who are passionate about energy and building and are committed to working for positive change to address the considerable challenges we face in California’s future.”

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