JOLIET, Ill. — Filtration Group-HVAC announced the launch of the Enduro-Pleat® X3, a line of tough, pleated MERV 13 filters designed to save time and money. This new product stands up to the most demanding of HVAC applications while performing at a MERV 13 filtration efficiency, which is required for LEED certification and other specific industries.

The new AEROSTAR® Enduro-Pleat X3 was engineered as the result of a specific end user with a serious challenge. Filtration Group was contacted when standard MERV 13 pleated filters were not holding up in demanding industrial HVAC systems. The pleats were being exposed to very high levels of moisture and even direct loading from snow in some cases, which caused the standard pleated air filters to fail prematurely, causing the loss of valuable production time. Introducing the thicker and stronger beverage board frame from the standard MERV 8 Enduro-Pleat as well as a steel reinforcement frame made the new product more than able to stand up to this challenging application.

“We listen to our customers very closely,” said Al Longton, vice president of sales. “We knew from years of selling the MERV 8 Enduro-Pleat that there are certain applications where a standard pleat will not do, and a more durable product is needed. In this case, we were able to react quickly and deliver Enduro-Pleat level performance at a MERV 13 filtration efficiency. This met their air filtration system needs while keeping the plant running on a predictable schedule.”

By using the high dust-holding MERV 13 media from our GreenPleat, the Enduro-Pleat X3 has energy consumption benefits as well.

“The Enduro-Pleat X3 lasts longer than a standard MERV 8 pleat in most applications, allowing it to save on energy consumption, maintenance, and disposal costs,” said Michael Bruce, vice president of marketing and engineering. “The Enduro-Pleat X3 checks three major boxes that customers are looking for — reduced total cost of ownership, improved IAQ, and unmatched product toughness. The mix of overall performance aligns well with our overall mission of making the world safer, healthier, and more productive.”

The Enduro-Pleat X3 is manufactured in industry-standard sizes to fit all types of demanding HVAC installations. Great for all applications with extreme rain and snow exposure, dry high dust environments, high flow-rate applications, and more. For more information, visit