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Capital idea: Danfoss' 12th EnVisioneering Symposium set for Washington

October 1, 2009

Danfoss will host its 12th EnVisioneering Symposium on November 18. The event will focus on energy and in-dustry issues facing federal and state governments.

Titled “Federal Buildings and State of the Industry,” the symposium will bring together speakers from key agencies, research, advocacy and the private sector to explore energy and industry issues facing federal and state governments.

In addition to a discussion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, the roundtable discussion will address
  • Energy and climate legislation
  • Refrigerants and the international regime
  • Federal building codes and energy management strategies
  • International climate change negotiations
“This latest EnVisioneering symposium provides an opportunity for HVAC/R and allied industry leaders to fo-cus their attention on the front-line energy and industry issues facing federal and state governments,” said Robert Wilkins, president of Danfoss North America. “Participants will examine the federal stimulus package as well as energy and climate legislation and their impact upon our industry, especially as they relate to build-ings operated by state and federal governments.”

The November 18 event is the third and final symposium that Danfoss will host this year as part of its 2009 EnVisioneering Symposia Series. The company launched the series in August 2006 to create an ongoing energy dialog among industry, the policy community and thought leaders in research and development.

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