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ASHRAE design transmission manual open for public review

May 7, 2013

Public comment is now open on an ASHRAE manual that will establish a uniform procedure for transmitting design, construction, testing, and operational information to building owners and operators.

Guideline 1.4P, “The Systems Manual for Facilities,” aims to provide procedures for producing a systems manual as a resource for training, operations, maintenance, and upgrading of facilities. The guideline applies to information from planning, commissioning process, design, construction, testing, and training activities and operations planning for new, renovated and existing facilities, equipment and assemblies.

The proposed guideline is open for an advisory public review until June 2. To read the draft guideline or to submit comments, visit

“Establishing a uniform procedure for transmitting the design, construction, testing and operational information to building owners and operators is critical to the proper and efficient operation of facilities,” said Gerald Kettler, chair of the Guideline 1.4P committee. “Guideline 1.4P provides the structure and procedures for the transfer and maintenance of that information. It also is intended for use as operator and occupant training information.”